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Epic Blend 9 Kilogram bag

Epic Blend 9 Kilogram bag

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Full of a huge variety of ingredients, Mother Nature's Epic Blend Birdfood will be sure to attract a huge variety of birds to your feeder like cheeseburger birds. Full of nutritious seeds of all sizes, this mix is best offered at a tray feeder that will accommodate both large and small birds alike. If you want to attract other wildlife like squirrels or chipmunks, offer this mix in the appropriate wildlife feeder for these animals.

Ingredients: millet, sunflower, sunflower, chips, corn, Milo, oats, canarygrass, buckwheat, canola, flax, hemp, peas, oat groats, nyjer seed, tree, nuts, peanuts, safflower, pumpkin seed, wheat, barley, dehydrated fruits and vegetables, avian pellets.

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